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Navigation and Browser Setup Tips
Browser Compatibility
This web site has been thoroughly tested and approved to run on the following browsers:
  • Netscape Navigator 4.5 and 4.61
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.0

Microsoft Internet Exploreror Netscape Navigator

In addition, this web site was designed around a 800x600 screen resolution. However, it has been tested at resolutions including 640x480 and higher and found to work very well.
noteInternet Explorer 5.0 did have one caveat worth mentioning. If you have Tools | Internet Options | Temporary Internet Files - Settings |graphic of IE 5.0 settings Check for newer versions of stored pages | Every visit to the page enabled it continuously re-downloads the rollover menu images. Change the settings to "Automatically" as shown in the image to the right for optimal performance. (Please remember that this may have adverse effects when viewing other web sites. While we believe that no problems should arise from this change, we are not responsible for any changes you make to your software settings.)
Navigational Icons
This web site makes use of navigational icons as a way to graphically assist the user in making choices in their destination. The following is a list of those icons and their uses:
bullet : Intended as a bullet point. Items of interest to the user are presented.
question : Question bullet. This is used extensively on the faq page and will be used on others as well. A question and answer won't be far behind.
required field: This indicates that the field arrowed is required before the form is complete. Typically this will only be found on interactive pages, or pages where the web site visitor is entering in information to send.
note: This is followed by a special note to the user.